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One of the most amazing things about coworking at theHIVE is meeting all the diverse creatives that work here. Of course that means a simple trip to the kitchen can take a 1/2 an hour because you have to stop and chat and check out their latest projects. One of the newest Hivers is Susie Ghahremani of who can often be seen hunched over working on her fabulous illustrations. She paints. Yes, she paints!

What I admire about Susie (well besides the fact that I LOVE her illustrations) is how well rounded she is.

First of all, she's a successful editorial illustrator who's worked with the likes of Martha Stewart, the New York Times and Craft: Magazine.

She's got a great website where you can view her work and shop.

And she still has time to do her own work to participate in shows. You can catch her creations this Saturday, July 10 at Ray at Night, an art event in North Park. Her art opening is hosted by Warp 9 Imaging at 3820 1/2 Ray Street. She'll be showing 25 minature paintings and other work.

You can see all of Susie's work at

Follow her on Twitter @boygirlparty

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