Wild Bears, Ponies and More: Five kick-ass call-to-actions for an email list.

Yup, an email list is still a great way to communicate with your most raving fans and fanatics. As an interactive copywriter, I'm always intrigued when I see an interesting call-to-action. So please, no boring “subscribe to our email list.” Give your would-be readers a tantalizing glimpse of what they’ll get in their inbox.


With a weekly feature called the Bitch Slap, Erika Napoletano tells it like it is and writes exactly what she's thinking about business, the web, and life.


Photojojo is a newsletter about "the best photo shiz anywhere." They feature fun photo equipment and fun copywriting, like, every day:  "We solemnly swear: No spam, not ever."

Chris Guillebeau

In the world of hack-your-life gurus, Chris Guillebeau stands out with great design and great writing in his Guide to Non-Conformity blog. Great call-to-action here.


Copylicious is a creative (and business-smart) copywriter. Can you tell?

Sarah J. Bray

Sarah J. Bray is strategic web designer who loves toast.  I love how she gives you the opportunity to sign up for just what you want.

Do you know of any great call-to-actions?