The joys of co-working.

Co-working at theHIVE has been so rewarding. I've met so many people and have learned so much from meeting people in different industries. I love the creative sparks that fly when passionate people come together.

Seth Godin recently wrote a post entitled Good-bye to the Office. And he states that with technology people can work from almost anywhere. So why have an office? He gives 7 reasons why people still cling to the idea of an office.

  1. That's where the machines are.
  2. That's where the items I need to work on are.
  3. The boss needs to keep tabs on my productivity.
  4. There are important meetings to go to.
  5. It's a source of energy.
  6. The people I collaborate with all day are there.
  7. I need someplace to go.

Well, as a freelancer, almost none of this applies except 5 and 7. I do need a source of energy and I do need someplace to go (otherwise I may be wearing the same black yoga pants for days on end.) What I missed most about the agency environment was the collaboration and interaction with my fellow creatives.

Recently, some gals from theHive started a Creative Breakfast. We're almost all self-employed and share the desire for camaraderie and accountability. Good friend and fellow Hiver Alexix Rodich spoke so eloquently about our breakfast in her blog for the Washington Post. I left our breakfast motivated and so very inspired.