#smmw recap: How to be more human? Go live on video.

So when Zuckerberg announced the big adjustment to the Facebook algorithm, marketers dubbed the changes "Facebook Apocalypse." Guess what everyone was talking about at this year's Social Media Marketing World? That's right! Facebook Zero! Facebook Apocalypse!

Michael Stelzner summed it up in his keynote: "We've been about numbers too long." But what's the best way to communicate with people? Video! Go live on Facebook. Use Instagram stories. 

How to create a 1-minute live video.

Sure thing, we're all supposed to go live, but that can be pretty intimidating. Here's an easy format to follow to create short videos on Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Twitter or Linkedin that Dennis Yu and Logan Young of Blitzmetrics shared.



1. Tell a story. There's no opening bumper. No introducing yourself. Begin with a short story to illustrate a point.

2. State the problem. Link the story you just told to a problem that you're going to solve.

3. Introduce the solution. Offer up your answer to their problem. It can be a product, a service, a blog post, etc.

4. Call to action. What are they supposed to do? Make a purchase? Read a blog post? Enter your email address? Share? Click? Like?

Here is my first attempt at a Live Video in response to Dennis Yu's challenge. Why don't you take a try?

Below you'll find my sketchnotes from all the sessions I attended. I'll share more in the upcoming weeks.

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