Luerzer's Archive and the Death of Advertising

Years ago as a young copywriter, I used to subscribe to Luerzer’s Archive, a great magazine filled with the latest uber cool ads from Amsterdam, Latin American and even upon occasion, the United States. I stopped subscribing after something called the Internet was invented. Why look at pictures of a broadcast spots when you can actually watch the actual clips on the Internet.

A few days a go, a big, beautiful, fat 24-page direct mail piece came in the mail, urging me to subscribe once again.

The cover read: A glimpse into the future of advertising.

Then I look at the tagline under the masthead: Ads, TV and Posters worldwide.

Ads, TV and posters? Is that really the future?

Luerzer's does have every print campaign since 1984 and every broadcast spot since 1985 in their online archives.

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