Sketchnotes from Social Media Marketing World #smmw15

I attended Social Media Marketing World once again and sketchnoted every session I attended. With over 100 speakers, there was usually a choice of 10 talks to choose from so I actually covered about 10% of the conference including keynotes. What were the big takeaways?

  • Podcasting is big.
  • Everything is video. (Hasn't every year since 2005 been year of the video?)
  • Niche deep to stand out.











Using Adobe Voice for an AIGA San Diego video.

So I am a design-challenged copywriter who wants to create a video quickly and easily. My audience: the San Diego designers of AIGA San Diego.So design matters.

Adobe Voice to the rescue. It's simple and easy to use. It's limitations is what makes it easy. (There are only a few layout options. This is to keep non-designers from making too many mistakes!)

But my wishes for Adobe Voice:

  • Make it uploadable to YouTube (I would pay to be able to do this)
  • If that's not possible at least let me be able to track number of views
  • Let the video appear in total in Facebook feeds. Right now it just looks like a graphic. (They brand it as an Adobe Voice but is bad usability that it doesn't look like a video.)

Sketchnotes from Interactive Day San Diego

Well, Interactive Day San Diego keeps growing with over 800 people attending this year. In my continuing exploration of how to blog an event without writing, I did more sketchnotes.

I attended two session on mobile marketing that dovetailed nicely with each other.


Then after lunch it was more creative territory. Yay! ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Of course, by happy hour I was no longer sketching.