A creative kick in the ass.

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. – Thomas Edison

For some interactive copywriters, art directors or graphic designers, coming up with a creative idea isn’t that hard. Executing it, however is another matter.

The 99% Conference is founded on the notion that there are plenty of conferences out there focused on inspiration. The reality is, some creatives need help making those ideas happen.

The 99% was the most thoughtfully planned conference I have ever attended. Since I want to actually remember what was said in each talk, I tried to sum each on up in just one phrase (pretty hard to do!) Here's a few:

Beth Comstock: You have to tell a story before you can sell a story.

Linda Rottenberg: Stalking is an under-rated start-up tactic. If someone asks you if are you crazy, take it as a compliment.

Laura Guido Clark on self-realization: You can't ask a client to do something that you haven't asked yourself.

Andrew Zuckerman: Asking someone to engage with your project is asking a lot. You can’t get to wonderful without going through okay first.

Simen Senick: A spirit of generosity, what can I do for that person, is a new way to conduct business.

Scott Belsky: Organization can be a key competitive advantage for creatives.

And perhaps my favorite which came via Dr. Michael Johnson: Pain is temporary. Suck is forever.

Do you want to be involved in projects that you don't respect the integrity of?