The rise and complete domination of live video.

Last month I had the pleasure of attending Social Media Marketing World here in San Diego. The big takeaway: live video is here.
Facebook Live gives you the ability to broadcast live to your friends, your business page or to a group. This creates an easy way to share live events or broadcast to your following. Facebook thinks so much of live video that they are giving Facebook Live top priority in their algorithm. Yep, if you want attention: go live on video.

Other interesting developments: looks like a fantastic alternative to Google hangouts and lets you talk with up to four people on screen and integrates text comments.

  • YouTube Connect is coming
  • Instagram increased the length of videos to 60 seconds
  • 39% of 18 to 32 year-olds are on Snapchat


Are you ready for a noisier stream?

When it comes to making a human connection, nothing beats video. You can give behind the scenes looks at what's going on. Having a commanding presence on live video will become an even more important business and social skill.

But just think how much longer it takes to watch a 30 second video than it takes to glance at a shot on Instagram. A lot of people just like to hear themselves talk. I see an even increasing need for filters. It will be interesting to watch the balance of authenticity and media overwhelm play out.


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