The 7 word rule.

As a copywriter simply love billboards. They're one of my favorite forms of media because you have to pare your idea down to the simplest concept – which is harder than it seems. (And as much as I love being an interactive copywriter, I am always SO excited when I get to do outdoor. Or radio.)  The classic rule of thumb is that if you're going to gain the attention of motorists whizzing by at 65 miles an hour (our customers drive the speed limit of course), that a billboard can have no more than 7 words.

Chipotle, purveyor of oversize burritos,  ran a great billboard campaign for years, usually featuring a shot of one of their huge burritos and a short, pithy line. Well, recently they took their advertising in-house and the gist of the campaign is that they don't need an ad agency. It's quite cute.

Which brings us to this billboard. Yes, I love the copy on it. But I almost got hit slowing down trying to read it. It's long and hard to read but I was rewarded with a chuckle for my efforts.

What do they expect? People to stop by the side of the road, take a picture and post it on their website?