TEDxSanDiego 2016 – The Age of Wonder

I recently  had the pleasure of attending TEDxSanDiego. This year's theme was The Age of Magic, a celebration of those things in life that fill us with a sense of wonder and awe.

Each talk is less than 10 minutes but each speaker works with a presentation coach to help them hone in on their story and presentation.

Spoken word artist Gill Sotu shared about the things in life that create ordinary magic.

Janelle Ayres, assistant professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, proposes that we have been approaching infectious diseases from the wrong perspective. She asks: how can we survive the infection, not just fight it.

Thomas Albright, Professor and Director, Vision Center Laboratory at the Salk Institute, lists three reasons why eyewitnesses fail: uncertainty, bias, and confidence. 

Dawn Barry, Vice President, Applied Genomics at Illumina reminded us that our DNA is not our destiny.

Natalie Kaczorowski, aka Comic Connie, asked what if being a super hero was normal.

Lex Gillette, 4-time paralympic world champion and world-record holder in the long jump, says there is no need for sight when you have a vision.

Justin Brooks, founder of  the California Innocence Project, once walked 712 miles from San Diego to Sacramento to convince the Governor to use this power to free 12 innocent people.

Scott Klemmer, co-founder and co-director of the Design Lab at UCSD, said prototyping was like a time machine to the future.

Regina Bernal, Entrepreneurship Manager, University of San Diego School of Business looked at the collaboration between Tijuana and San Diego as an example for the rest of the world.

Navrina Singh, Head of Qualcomm ImpaQt, encouraged us to think of oursleves like a SmartPhone: every day is a chance for a new version of yourself! 

Productivity expert Ellen Goodwin has made a study of the dive bars of San Diego—and the people that frequent them.

Kelly Mellos is an artist who encouraged Israeli and Palestinian teens paint portraits of each other and in the process everyone gained more empathy.