Of Waves, Water and Women.

A guest post I did for Athleta Sportswear, a division of the Gap. Friends that play together, stay together.

Sometimes I like to joke that I haven’t made any friends since elementary school. I have, but two of my best friends are still my oldest friends. (Old meaning length of time.)

I grew up around the corner from Barbara and Donna and have known them since I was 6 or 7.

In grade school, Barbara and Donna bought their dad a skateboard with clay wheels for his birthday and we all took turns trying it out. On roller skates we made the transition from metal to clay to polyurethane wheels. (And I still have a chipped tooth, the result of falling in their driveway.) After school, we played kick the can and whiffle ball with other neighborhood kids.

Then in junior we were on a bowling team together—The Gutter Girls. As our team name suggests, we placed last in the league. In high school we were in Girl Scouts together and hiked the Grand Canyon, canoed the Colorado River, and even learned to play poker.

Fast forward more years than I care to admit and we’re still friends. Over the years, life has grown more complicated with careers and other commitments, bu

BE COMMITTED. For the past 10 years, we’ve had Girls Night Dinner once a month. It is sacred. No significant others. No husbands. No offspring. If we didn’t have a schedule, months could go by before we’d get together.

MAKE MEMORIES. Dinner is one thing but we still create memories together. Whether it’s camping at the beach, walking dogs or going surfing, our relationship is still growing and evolving.

MIX IT UP. Over the years, we’ve continuously added to our repertoire of fun. As teens we lusted after surfer boys and settled for boogie boarded. Now adults we’re surfing ourselves. (Why let the guys have all the fun?) Ten years ago, we all took up kayaking and enjoy paddles in the ocean, harbor and bay. And this year, we’re flirting with stand up paddle surfing. (But you’ll have to wait for another blog post to hear that story.)

And at the end of our lives, if all we can do is sit in rockers next to one another at the retirement home, we’ll know it’s been a good journey. Together.

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