Is your about page something you just threw together?

If you're like most of us, writing about yourself can be pretty difficult. You might feel like you’re bragging, or in an effort to sound professional, you fall into the trap of using corporate mumble-jumble B.S. (That's Business Speak and it doesn’t mean a thing.)

Lame about page = Lost sales.

Your about page for your blog or business is such an important page. This is where your potential audience not only gets to know who you are and what you do, but more importantly, the why behind what you do. It's also one of the most frequently visited pages on your site. This is your opportunity to shine.

Learn how to communicate who you are, what you do and what you stand for:

Together, we’ll work on communicating what sets you apart by:
* Connecting with your customers so they think "wow, you really get me."
• Offering a solution to their problems.
• Providing the support why they should hire you.
• Offering a clear call to action.

This online workshop includes:

  • 8 video lessons broken up into chapters
  • Private Facebook group with fellow students
  • Handy dandy printable workbook to follow along in class
  • Two live sessions with class

The curriculum:

  • BONUS LESSON: The 15 Minute Bio
  • What to Expect
  • The About Page Jumpstart -– Homework before we begin
  • Lesson 1: Helpful Tips For Powerful Writing
  • Lesson 2: Know Your Audience
  • Lesson 3: The Big Powerful Hello To Make A Great First Impression
  • Lesson 4: The Heart Grab To Build Customer Empathy
  • Lesson 5: The Solution – Give Them What They Want
  • Lesson 6: The Proof Or Why They Should Hire You
  • Lesson 7: Let’s Get Personal
  • Lesson 8: The Call To Action
  • BONUS LESSON: Putting It All Togethe

What they say:


Anne delivers one damn good workshop! Your Story Unfolds is killer-good! You walk away eager to revise your web copy ASAP.

Liz Goodgold
Redfire Branding

Anne's workshop is the reason why I was finally able to create a succinct tagline for summarizing my hybrid skillset. Now, when someone asks me what I do - I can answer them intelligently with confidence. She helped me cut the fat and organize my thoughts and I can't recommend her services enough!

Jenny Beatty
Designer at GraphikDeziner

I loved the Story Unfolds workshop with Anne McColl! It helped me tell my brand story in a way that's authentic to me AND also speaks to the hearts and minds of my ideal clients. Before taking this class, my About Me page on my website was a boring bio that I felt embarrassed about. Now I feel happy when my audience reads this page--as it conveys who I am and what my company stands for in a compelling and meaningful way. Thank you, Anne!

Rebecca Massoud
Business Soul + Success Coach

Anne is fantastic! After attending this workshop,  I’m ready to tackle my about page on my portfolio site. Anne also presented this workshop to my senior graphic design portfolio class and that helped my students find their voice when writing about their work. 

Min Choi
Graphic Designer and Design Educator

Check out the sample lesson.

Your instructor: Anne McColl

I help brands tell stories.

I help brands (people, businesses, and startups) find right the words + pictures to tell their stories. I put the heart back into communication so brands can make an emotional connection with their customers.

As The Best D@mn Copywriter, I work directly with businesses as well as ad agencies, design studios, and interactive firms. Over the years I have collaborated with amazing brands, including the San Diego Zoo, Hawaii Visitors Bureau, Bumble Bee Tuna, eBay, and the Del Mar Fair. When I’m not surfing the Internet, I can often be found surfing the juicy waves in San Diego.