Story Your Brand

Learn how to talk about your business, so people say, “You are the one I’ve got to work with.

Hey, it’s not easy to talk about you or your business:

  • Do you have trouble translating what’s in your head onto paper?

  • Do you feel like you ramble trying to tell your customers everything?

  • Does your messaging not sound like you?

  • Are you afraid that you sound like everyone else?

  • Do people get even more confused about what you do after reading your homepage?

    Get lots of handholding and help for 6 weeks.

    Enjoy 3 hours of live video office hours every week for feedback on your copy.

    Unlike some of those other copywriting courses, you’re not just going to watch a pre-recorded video and have to figure out your copy on your own. I offer 3 hours of live office hours every week of our course. (That’s over 18 hours that I’m available.) If you show up, you’ll get feedback and headline help.

    StoryYourBrand is a 6-week course that includes:

  • 3 hours of live video office hours every week

  • Easy to understand video and assignments

  • Useful templates and prompts

  • Helpful downloads and cheatsheets

  • A private Facebook group where I’ll give you video feedback on every piece of copy you post.

In this class we will cover all the components of a brand story:

Copywriting 101

Learn writing tips that will instantly improve all of your copywriting.

Your Brand Pillars

Clarify what your brand stands for and how you do business.

Your Brand Descriptors

Establish a unified brand voice for all of your communications.

Your Brand Promise

Discover why do you do what you do.

Your Clarity Statement

Articulate what you do in a single sentence. (It’s harder than you think.)

Head-turning Hooks

Learn how to draw in someone’s attention in a short-attention-span world

Your Brand Bio

Learn to talk about yourself in a human way.

Your Brand Origin

Tell the engaging story of what inspired your business.

Your instructor is an award-winning ad agency copywriter.


Hi, I'm Anne McColl, your instructor. I have 20 years of experience helping brands (people, businesses, and startups) find right the words + pictures to tell their stories. For two decades, I've worked with ad agencies and branding studios for years and will teach you the tested strategies that I've learned. This is a course taught by a branding copywriter, let's get your messaging nailed down before you move to design.

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I really appreciate your time and interest!

Happy writing!  :)