Sketchnotes on the iPad.


Want to create another dimension to your conference or presentation that has lasting implications?

Hire me to create sketchnotes on the iPad for your event. Perhaps you've attended sxsw and seen large scale graphic recorders documenting the events proceedings on butcher block pieces of paper. I do the same thing, only on the iPad .

Communicating a presentation in simple text and hand drawn pictures via sketchnotes is the perfect way to share information. They're more human than charts and bullet points and a quicker read than a long blog post.

Sketchnotes on the iPad rock social media.

I create these sketchnotes as the event occurs. I can tweet out these visuals as the presentation happens or shortly after it concludes. Sketchnotes stand out in people's social media streams and create memorable publicity.

People love sketchnotes. They get passed around. They get retweeted and shared. They become social. And your event gains even more visibility.

Sketchnotes become viral on Slideshare.

After the event, I can compile all of the sketchnotes from multiple sessions into a single engaging PowerPoint that you can share via Slideshare that will provide an enduring digital record of your event. And a great way to pre-market your event the next year.

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Hire me to sketchnote your event.

If you want to hire me to sketchnote your event, let's talk. I work on a flat fee plus expenses for travel. I can also sketchnote remotely.