Before you can sell the story, you have to tell the story. 

My name is Anne McColl and I'm a San Diego freelance copywriter who specializes in advertising and interactive copywriting. 

There are simply too many good ideas and businesses that die because people have difficulty communicating in a clear, simple and human manner. It’s my mission—no, my calling—to banish banal B.S. (That’s business speak and it doesn't mean a thing.)

 I help brands (people, businesses and startups) find the right words + pictures to tell their story. I put the heart back into communication so brands can make an emotional connection with their customers.

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Your Story Unfolds: How To Write An About Page

New online class. Because a lame about page = lost sales.

Learn how to craft a mesmerizing about page that will help you win hearts + customers. Developed for designers, studios, and entrepreneurs. Learn more >>

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Sketchnotes: words + pictures have more fun together.

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