Larry Keenan

Some of my earliest memories are trying to fall asleep at night during the summers while the hippie teenagers next door sat in the front yard and played the Beatles, Stones and everything else on their guitars. If those kids had been just a few years older and living on their own, their apartments may have looked like this. This is the work of Larry Keenan, a groovy photographer from the Bay Area who captures the Beats, the Human Be-in and all the wonder before the Summer of Love became mainstream. These shots are excerpts from essays Larry did on interiors of counterculture homes and life in the counterculture with children.





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Sweet, delicious pop.

[youtube=] The Jackson Five Cartoon. Early Saturday mornings. A sort of the band meets adventure ala the Partridge Family or even the Archies. Or even Scoobie. All cartoons turned into bands and all bands turned into cartoons at that time.